Aa2 - Group Drum Lesson 2 to 4 people 30-60 minutes on Zoom or FaceTime
JUNE 10, 4 PM Central Daylight Time

What a Group Lesson will include!

Before the meeting (by email or phone):

1) We will determine the goal of the lesson. This ensures that we have the music and instruments that we need ready on lesson day.

Samples of Goals:

-Work on a skill/technique - stick and hand drum sounds, counting out parts

-Work on a drum part (of a piece)

-Work on understanding the arrangement of a piece

-Work on transitions in a piece (moving in and out of breaks within a piece)

2) I will send a video link with information that relates to the upcoming lesson to enable you to practice and prepare for the lesson.

Samples of video link content:

- Proper Technique to practice

-The “part” being played on the drum

-A “play along” of a part

At the Lesson: (done on Zoom or FaceTime)

I will demonstrate or review a technique or part and then you practice (while on mute). Then, I will have a person unmute and I listen to how the technique or part sounds and offer suggestions to improve if needed.


First lesson FREE (trial)

*I have reduced the fees at this time in support of community.

-Group lesson 2-4 people 30 min. - $5 per person (normally $10)

-Group lesson 2-4 people 60 min. - $10 per person (normally $15)

NOTE: If you are not able to pay, due to this current situation, don't let that stop you. Please let me know and we will discuss other arrangements.

Contact Marisa through this website to set up a lesson. Payment can be made online once the lesson details are arranged. Thank you and Take care!

Smiling Drum
655 Fairview Avenue North, Saint Paul, MN